2016 New Zealand Mint Star Wars – Kylo Ren 1 Oz Silver Coin

Product Highlights
Manufacturer: New Zealand Mint
Silver Content: 1 Troy Oz
Purity: .999
Diameter: 40mm
Thickness: 2.97mm

SGD115.00 inc. GST
Obverse: A side view image of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with an embellished crown that portrays a sense of elegance and beauty.
Reverse: Kylo Ren is a warrior with formidable strength and possess a fiery temper. He wears a fearsome mask on his face and commands First Order mission with his awesome lightsabre.

Fundamentals and News*:

·         Gold Drops from Seven-Week High as Investors Weigh Fed Comments

  • Gold dropped from the highest level in seven weeks as investors weighed the probable timing of the first U.S. interest rate increase since 2006, with one Federal Reserve policy maker saying that move before year-end was justified while others differed.
  • Bullion for immediate delivery lost as much as 0.5 percent to $1,157.70 an ounce and was at $1,158.13 at 9:21 a.m.in Singapore, according to Bloomberg generic pricing. Prices rose for a second day on Monday, gaining to $1,169.09, the highest since Aug. 24.
  • Bullion investors are tracking comments from U.S. central bankers to figure out when the Fed will start tightening, with prices rebounding from a five-year low in July amid speculation the onset of higher borrowing costs will be pushed back. Atlanta Fed chief Dennis Lockhart argued Mondaythe improving economy justified a move in 2015. Still, Fed Governor Lael Brainard cautioned against raising rates prematurely and Chicago Fed President Charles Evans repeated that he favored a delay to mid-2016.
  • Silver, platinum and palladium prices also retreated as the dollar stabilized after dropping for three days. The chances of a rate liftoff in December are below 40 percent, futures data show.


v  Data Forthcoming Releases:

Time*CountryToday’s EventsForecastPreviousActual
1:00 PMEURGerman ZEW Economic Sentiment6.812.1
2:00 PMUSDNFIB Small Business Index95.695.9
10:00 PMUSDFederal Budget Balance93.8B-64.4B

v  Resistance & Support Levels:

Gold$   1,189.5 $   1,176.6 $   1,168.7 $   1,143.0 $   1,135.1 $   1,122.3
Silver$      16.50 $      16.23 $      16.06 $      15.51 $      15.34 $      15.06

Gold Silver Market Report 25th September 2015

Fundamentals and News*:

  • Gold declined from the highest level in a month after Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said that the U.S. central bank is on track to raise interest rates this year, boosting the dollar.


  • Bullion for immediate delivery dropped as much as 0.7 percent to $1,146.38 an ounce and was at $1,146.88 at 11:45 a.m.in Singapore, according to Bloomberg generic pricing. The metal climbed 2.1 percent to $1,153.97 on Thursday, the highest close Aug. 24, and remains up for the week.


  • Bullion is on course for a fifth quarterly loss amid prospects for the first rise in U.S. borrowing costs in almost a decade. Yellen spoke a week after the Fed left its benchmark federal funds target near zero, saying on Thursdaythat she and most of her colleagues expected to tighten policy this year. Higher rates curb gold’s appeal as the metal doesn’t pay interest or give returns like competing assets such as bonds and equities.


  • “It’s not surprising to see gold give back a couple of dollars after what Yellen said,” Jordan Eliseo, chief economist at trader Australian Bullion Co. in Sydney, said by phone. “There’s every chance this entire tightening cycle might only have two or three hikes, maybe four hikes completely, so I don’t think anyone should kid themselves that the era of easy money is over.”


  • Fed fund futures show traders now see a 49 percent chance of a rate increase in December from 64 percent on Sept. 16, the day before the Fed announced its decision.
  • Assets in exchange-traded products rose 4.35 tons to 1,522.34 tons as of Thursday, data compiled by Bloomberg showed. The holdings, little changed since early September, dropped to a six-year low last month.
  • Bullion of 99.99 percent purity climbed 0.9 percent to 235.90 yuan a gram ($1,150.52 an ounce) on the Shanghai Gold Exchange. Platinum for immediate delivery lost 0.8 percent to $947.30 an ounce and tumbled Wednesdayto the lowest since January 2009. Palladium is up 7.6 percent this week, headed for the biggest weekly gain since March 2013.


v  Data Forthcoming Releases:

Time*CountryToday’s EventsForecastPreviousActual
4:30 PMUSDFinal GDP q/q3.7%3.7 
6:00 PMUSDRevised UoM Consumer Sentiment87.285.7 


v  Resistance & Support Levels:

Gold$   1,179.4 $   1,165.9 $   1,157.6 $   1,130.5 $   1,122.2 $   1,108.7
Silver$      15.58 $      15.37 $      15.25 $      14.83 $      14.71 $      14.50


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Win 1000g Silver Bar in our Facebook contest
Win 1000g Silver Bar in our Facebook contest

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7 Tips to start stacking Silver

7 tips to start stacking Silver coins or bars

If you are new to stacking and don’t have a clear concept on how to start, here are some tips here. I am no expert, there are many more experts out there preaching their advice. Be cautious though, as many advice can be confusing and not suitable for newbies. I learnt this the hardway. I started some years ago and learnt through the school of trials and errors:-

start stacking silver
The joy of seeing your wealth grow
  1. Start stacking silver with a clear budget. Know what amount of your disposable income you can afford to start stacking. Only use spare cash that you can afford, for example, how about reducing your entertainment expenses like that weekly drinking session? Or cut down on that expensive daily starbucks? Those small bills can pile up to be a good silver stack.
  2. Do not get carried away and over-stack. Start small, and do it regularly, along the principles of dollar cost averaging. Do NOT throw all your cash into silver. Keep some cash for unpredictable emergency needs. This is to avoid selling your silver at inappropriate timing when you badly need the cash.
  3. Diversify your investments for the future. Do not invest in silver. It is healthy to hold a good portion in precious metals, such as gold. Invest in stock index funds, some healthy insurance plans or pay off your mortgages and debts. Plan for the future.
  4. Especially for newbies, do not get overly excited and buy everything! Stick to regular buying. It would be better than to overindulge and exhaust your savings. Many newbies fall in love with this healthy habit so much that they overstretched themselves in the first few months.
  5. If you are fairly new, stay away from the fanciful stuff. Numismatic coins are lovely, but as a newbie, wait till you are familiar with mintage and designs first. If you really like a design, do some research and buy small. You may become more skilled at this and appreciate this hobby, but start slow and slow.
  6. Try not to buy from eBay, Craiglist, Carousell or some unknown guy from any forum. There are many bad sheeps and fraudsters around. Stick with some reputable online or physical shops. Take your time to shop around. You can google for a few shops. (Disclaimer I am vested with www.goldsilvercity.com.sg which offers free delivery and low premiums)
  7. Don’t be impatient. This is a great hobby that will grow with you for years. =)

Start Stacking silver. Start small and buy regularly, like once a week or month. Enjoy this beautiful and valuable hobby and you will be thankful when you retire!

Cedric Soh

Gold, Silver, Platinum TA (Technical Analysis) 09th May 2015

For those who loves to look at TA movement of gold, silver and platinum, hoping to grab some physical silver or gold coins before the market trends move up…

Here is a simple TA analysis by Mr Cillin, with permission from him.

His analysis :-

Gold, Silver and Platinum
Symmetrical triangle form in Silver and Platinum looking for break down or break out.  Gold seem to have Symmetrical triangle too.
Gold COT buying interest is increasing yet to hit above 90
Silver and Platinum COT buying interest decreased last week after few weeks of increasing

via:- Cillin Trading Planner

By the way: COT refers to Commitments of Traders, a report that shows both the interests of commercial users / producers (meaning they uses or produces the commodity as part of their manufacturing process) as well as those who trade the commodities for financial speculations.

More on the COT can be found here.

What is silver stacking?

What is silver stacking?

Silver Stacking (or Gold Stacking) is the habit of accumulating tangible assets, not intangible ones like paper certificates, in the forms of coins or bullions such as bars, rounds or ingots.

Generally bullions such as bar has less premium price, hence it is better value for money since you can also purchase a large bar for cost savings. If you can afford it, you can purchase a large bar monthly.
Coins are favoured usually because it can be smaller in weightage, and hence, easier to start stacking up. It is also preferred as when you wish to liquidate due to needs such as holidays or emergencies, you may not need to sell a large bullion but just a few coins.
Also, coins can carry numismatic value which can be appreciated by collectors.

silver stacking in singapore
there are lots of coins for collectors
Why would you want to stack silver?

Firstly, silver stacking is an excellent hedge against inflation, just like gold. It increases in value as inflation reduce how much your dollar can buy. Secondly, both silver and gold possess an intrinsic store of value, which is the main reason why people wants to invest it it. It is this store of value that silver and gold is used as money in the past as well as demanded by national government reserves all over the world.
Also, both gold and especially silver has huge and increasing demands from industrial manufacturers, from our cars to mobile phone to solar panels and generators.

One huge reason for silver stacking is as an investment to profit or hedge against financial crisis. The Great Recession from 2008 has led to huge amount of printing money by the USA government, the Euro bank, and even Japan and China government. There is fear of a global financial currency crisis and people’s currency will lose tremendous value. In a global dollar collapse, hyperinflation will rear its ugly head out. A flight to safety will take root and people with real gold and silver physical holdings will benefit. This is especially so as current paper gold and silver trading is a few hundred times OVER the physical assets silver available. In a big crisis, these paper values may not hold water.

Silver stackers invest weekly or monthly in some form of silvers, knowing that they will profit and sleep well in troubled times. Silver and gold has dropped and stay flat, this is a great opportunity to invest and stack up. Stackers know that the fundamental demand for silver and gold is real, because we using so much iPad, solar panels, smartphones and etc, and yet the mines’ production has been lagging.

Silver Stacking means you buy what you can afford to keep for a raining day. If you just cut down on some luxury spending or gourmet coffee and buy 10oz a month instead, you will have 600oz saved up in 5 years. If silver price move from $17 to just a mere $25, you see an almost 50% increase in your portfolio.

Start silver stacking- www.goldsilvercity.com.sg is proud to offer free delivery at no extra costs.

Cedric Soh, Singapore