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2015 Creatures of Greek Mythology Silver – Cerberus 1 oz

Product Highlights
Manufacturer: New Zealand Mint
Face value: 5 Dollars
Weight: 1 Troy Oz
Diameter: 40mm

Cerberus is the first coin released from New Zealand Mint’s fantasy themed collection, the mythical “Creatures of Greek Mythology”. Cerberus is also known as the guardian of Hades and his role is to prevent ghosts of the dead and the living from passing through the underworld. Commonly known as the dog with 3 heads, Cerberus is merciless and fierce.
On the reverse of the coin is Cerberus, guarding the entrance of Hades with images of its ferocious appearance. The obverse displays Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with the coin’s specifications embossed on it.
The coin is guaranteed by New Zealand Mint and is packaged within a brown drawstring bag. The bag consists of a small little pocket in which the coin is placed in it and the Certificate of Authenticity is printed inside the bag. The packaging is designed to look similar as the ancient Greek money pouch.
Start your collection of “Creatures of Greek Mythology” today by purchasing the first launched of Cerberus.

$ 110.00


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