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Engelhard Bar 5 oz

5 oz cast Silver Bar

5oz cast 99.9% silver bar.
Each bar is serialised and supplied in protective cardboard box.

Brand new. Historically Beautiful.

$ 138.54


Be a part of History- Get the beautiful Engelhard bars!


Engelhard Australia was founded as Glover and Goode Pty Limited by Charles Engelhard Sr.


Glover and Goode was incorporated into American corporation, Engelhard Industries, along with the Baker Group of Companies and was later renamed Engelhard Australia. Australian precious metals operations were then based in Thomastown, Victoria, until the refinery was sold to Deak International in the late 1980s.


Engelhard Australia formerly produced gold blanks for the Royal Australian Mint and in 1964 became an official Australian supplier of gold under the Australian Banking Act., and LBMA accreditation for gold bars was approved in 1966.


Engelhard-CLAL was formed as a joint venture between Engelhard Industries and Comptoir Lyon-Alemand Louyot, a French precious metals fabricator. Engelhard Australia was incorporated into the Engelhard-CLAL group in 1996. Engelhard Industries retained an interest until 1998 when it divested completely from the joint venture.


Engelhard-CLAL Australia sold its Hong Kong and Singapore subsidiaries of Engelhard-CLAL to Metalor. The Engelhard-CLAL group broke up and ceased operations worldwide whilst leaving the Australian division to operate independently.


Engelhard Australia decided to re-enter the precious metals market and is proud to announce its return as a manufacturer and distributor of quality precious metal products.


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