How to buy physical silver coin bars in Singapore? Silver Price in Singapore?

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What is silver price today in Singapore?

Silver price in Singapore follows the global pricing with no delays or extra costs. Silver is a precious metal that is easy to ship all over the world. Hence, the price in Singapore is almost the same as any where in the world due to its portability and high value. Pure physical silver in Singapore has no GST taxes so you are not overpaying anything to the government, whether you are a local Singaporean or a foreign tourist.

We can honestly say that Singapore is the best and cheapest place in the world to buy physical silver coins and bars.

UOB Silver Price is follow by older Singaporeans

UOB (United Overseas Bank of Sinagpore) is a local bank dealing with physical silver bars and silver coins as well as physical gold bars and coins. Many people tend to refer to UOB silver price as well as UOB gold price.
This may be suitable as UOB is a large local Singaporean bank. If you prefer UOB Silver Price or UOB Gold Price, do go ahead and stick to this.

canadian maple leaf silver coin tube 2015
canadian maple leaf silver coin tube 2015

Do note that most global and large investors would prefer to stick to silver price checking with where you can set USD (prices in United States Dollar) or SGD (Singapore Dollars) or any currencies you prefer.
You can also set the silver in ounce (common usage around international buyers and sellers of silver) or in kilogram or your favourite weight units.

Silver Price Singapore

You can also refer to for silver and gold prices (top left corner, live prices of gold and silver prices internationally)
Gold Silver City is a famous portal in Singapore that sells physical silver and physical gold at a very low margin. They are much lower than all jewellers and jewellers backed bullion bars and coins in Singapore (and in the world, because Singapore has no tax on precious metal)
You will find them at a great price.


How to buy silver bars and coins in Singapore?

You can buy silver bars and coins in Singapore at silver bars and coins in Singapore

You can check out our website, and make your purchase to lock the gold or silver prices at that moment. Please do a local bank deposits or PAYLAH! to us within 30 minutes to lock the price. You can email us or whatsapp us to confirm our deliveries to you and pay upon meeting too.

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