Gold and Silver Fun Facts

Gold Silver

Fun facts about physical gold

Gold has lower correlations to other asset classes, hence gold is suitable for diversifying your portfolio.

There is limited Gold in this world. The world pours out more steel in an hour than it has pour gold since the beginning of time.

It is actually easier to chance upon a 5 carat diamond than to mine a 1 ounce nugget of gold.

Most of the gold in this world came from meteorites that struck earth 200 million years ago.


Fun facts about physical silver

Silver is the best heat conductor among all elements in the periodic tale.

The pound sterling, the United Kingdom’s official currency was initially equal in value to one pound of pure silver, hence the name “pound sterling”.

Silver was valued more highly than gold in ancient Egypt and Medieval European countries.

About 42% of mined silver is used for photography, About 50% is for industrial uses.

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