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Heya guys!
Update: Its Sept 2018 and I am blessed with so many clients who turned into friends =) Gold SIlver City has gone a long way since 2013. Ms Rae is now helping me with the website and business management! We look forward to serving you!


Cedric Soh Family Photo
Cedric Soh Family Photo


Cedric Soh


Many years ago, I was working in my construction company and learnt that many Singaporeans are keeping a portion of their savings in physical silver and gold bullion, as a form of diversification away from their properties, stocks and bonds holdings.

And I learnt, to my horror, that they are paying much higher prices as they are buying from the traditional gold jewellery shops! Hence, to help my friends and colleagues, I helped to source silver and gold bullion, as well as numismatic coins for those collectors from trusted overseas and local distributors that I am able to pass the savings to them in lower retail price! I started humbly, using the premises of my construction company that was bought decades ago. As I shared the construction’s workshop to reduce rental and overheads, I am able to deliver these bullion at a much lower price. And I personally deliver all bullion, as these are the hard-earned savings of all my friends and colleagues. Gradually, as words of mouth spread, I decided to establish a professional business to handle all referrals and ta-da! Goldsilvercity.com.sg is now up to help savers and investors to get their hands on silver and gold bullion regularly at as close to spot price as possible.

I have also decided to extend my personal delivery to all clients as a form of appreciation and assurance (For all silver bullion orders 100oz and above)

For those who need more details, please feel free to drop me an email at info@goldsilvercity.com.sg and I will try to reply asap.

You can also add me at my facebook at https://www.facebook.com/goldsilvercitysg
for our seasonal promotions and news update!

You may also add your email address for updates. As I personally hate spams, rest assured that we adhere to the strictest code of conduct to protect your email address from annoying mails.

Yours sincerely,
Cedric Soh
Gold Silver City
Started Jan 2013

PS: Currently, my best friend Rae is handling all sales and retail enquires. I trust that her wealth of knowledge and high service standards will help you guys!