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How to buy physical silver coin bars in Singapore? Silver Price in Singapore?

What is silver price today in Singapore?

Silver price in Singapore follows the global pricing with no delays or extra costs. Silver is a precious metal that is easy to ship all over the world. Hence, the price in Singapore is almost the same as any where in the world due to its portability and high value. Pure physical silver in Singapore has no GST taxes so you are not overpaying anything to the government, whether you are a local Singaporean or a foreign tourist.

We can honestly say that Singapore is the best and cheapest place in the world to buy physical silver coins and bars.

UOB Silver Price is follow by older Singaporeans

UOB (United Overseas Bank of Sinagpore) is a local bank dealing with physical silver bars and silver coins as well as physical gold bars and coins. Many people tend to refer to UOB silver price as well as UOB gold price.
This may be suitable as UOB is a large local Singaporean bank. If you prefer UOB Silver Price or UOB Gold Price, do go ahead and stick to this.

canadian maple leaf silver coin tube 2015
canadian maple leaf silver coin tube 2015

Do note that most global and large investors would prefer to stick to silver price checking with where you can set USD (prices in United States Dollar) or SGD (Singapore Dollars) or any currencies you prefer.
You can also set the silver in ounce (common usage around international buyers and sellers of silver) or in kilogram or your favourite weight units.

Silver Price Singapore

You can also refer to for silver and gold prices (top left corner, live prices of gold and silver prices internationally)
Gold Silver City is a famous portal in Singapore that sells physical silver and physical gold at a very low margin. They are much lower than all jewellers and jewellers backed bullion bars and coins in Singapore (and in the world, because Singapore has no tax on precious metal)
You will find them at a great price.


How to buy silver bars and coins in Singapore?

You can buy silver bars and coins in Singapore at silver bars and coins in Singapore

You can check out our website, and make your purchase to lock the gold or silver prices at that moment. Please do a local bank deposits or PAYLAH! to us within 30 minutes to lock the price. You can email us or whatsapp us to confirm our deliveries to you and pay upon meeting too.

For any inquires, do email us at or Like us on

Ultrasonic Device - To test Real or Fake Gold, Silver bars / Coins

Ultrasonic Device – To test Real or Fake Gold, Silver bars / Coins

Ultrasonic Device – For Testing Real or Fake Gold, Silver bars / Coins

All our suppliers use sophisticated spectrum devices to know the precise purity of our precious metals. As such devices can be large and take up some space, Gold Silver City has also bought a small portable device that we can bring to clients to test whether their gold and silver bars coins are real or fake.

Testing for Real gold or real silver in Singapore

This is a simple ultrasonic device that we can use to test for real or fake gold.
Similarly it can be used to test real or fake silver.

Many of my regulars who have bought precious metals from me over time understand that my gold, silver bars comes in their original packaging. Those that are minted with serial numbers and certificates can give a sense of security.
For those bars and coins that have no serial number nor certificate, I have bought this new ultrasonic device to give them another layer of authenticity.

Real Gold / Real Silver Sound Velocity

The sound velocity for pure gold should be 3200 meters / second (or 0.130 Inch/µSecond)
The sound velocity for pure silver should be 3600 meters / second (or 0.140 Inch/µSecond)

Remember, please only buy gold and silver bars / coins from reputable merchants like
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For any clients who wishes to buy gold or silver, you can request for a testing. I will bring the ultrasonic device when I deliver the gold, silver, bars and coins to your doorstep.
Have fun stacking precious metals!



Unboxing 2015 Silver Panda 1oz, 20 trays of 30 coins- 2hours of unboxing!

Free the Panda!

The Monster Box for panda is amazing SECURED.
Two metal chain that took 20 over minutes to cut through. And we realise the whole plastic lips has additional 8 plastic locks.
And all plastic locks are doubled locked.

2015 Silver Panda 1oz Unboxing
2015 Silver Panda 1oz Unboxing


Took a group of us, 2 hours to cut through….
2 hours of sweat and painful hands…

And majority of them are sold. Only 8 5 trays left!

Another note- Engelhard bars 10 oz are totally sold out!  The next delivery is a few weeks later, please pre-order soon!

Engelhard Bars Singapore

Engelhard Silver bars 5oz 10oz in Singapore

Brand New, Historically Beautiful.

The new Engelhard Australia bars are here! The early batch of 5oz and 10oz has finally arrived in Singapore.

Engelhard Bar Silver 10 oz
Engelhard Bar Silver 10 oz


You can buy the 10 oz bars  here

Engelhard Bar Silver 5 oz
Engelhard Bar Silver 5 oz

Or you can buy the 5 oz bars here

And for those who like more varieties in your silver stacking, the 2 oz and the 1 kilogram bar would be arriving in a few weeks time.

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Buy Silver Gold Singapore Free Delivery

Buy Silver Gold Singapore Free Delivery?

Update June 2018:- Dear beloved customers, the free delivery promotion has ended. Good news we will continue to give free delivery to regulars. Please check our website or facebook page for regular updates on free delivery details. We will be having 10 – 30% off on numismatic silver and gold coins in Singapore too!

Gold Silver City now offers you an easy way to invest and save up in physical silver and gold! You can now buy silver or gold, either in bars or coins, from the comfort of your home. You only pay for it when it arrives at your doorstep.

Buy Silver Gold Singapore Free Delivery

Buy Silver Gold Singapore Free Delivery

We deliver the silver and gold to your location. For this soft launch of our website, we have reduced the minimum requirements. That is right, instead of the usual 100 oz silver minimum purchase, all combined purchases above $300 is entitled to qualify for this FREE delivery offer!
This free delivery will last till 1st June 2015, on our official launch date! Do stay tuned on this website or like our Facebook page for special launch promotion!

And to top it off, we are currently the lowest priced for all of our silver and gold bullion and numismatic coins in Singapore! Not only are our gold and silver prices the best in Singapore market, you are getting a special delivery service with it. There are no financial risks as you only pay when delivery is made to your location.

As mentioned in our Gold Silver Background, we have our background in 30 over years of construction business. We are vested to provide high grade silver and gold precious metal to all our clients!

Please do take advantage of the current low historical silver and gold spot rate to Buy Silver Gold Singapore Free Delivery!
This is a simply great time to start saving up in precious gold and silver.
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Gold Silver Stacker Teams

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Why own physical silver or gold? Protect & accumulate wealth

For many  investors, they may choose to hold a portion of their investments in gold and silver to hedge against inflation and economic black swan events. To hold precious metals as a hedge, there are a huge variety of choices – Gold, Silver ETFs, stocks holdings of mining companies and paper certificates…..

Why own physical silver or gold?

Do remember that all paper assets are at the mercy of the financial market. Paper records can be varnished in a disaster, either man-made or natural. Financial markets turmoils in a black swan event can rendered you asset-less.

Only physical gold / silver bars or coins that you possess guarantees ownerships.
why own physical silver or gold
By investing in physical stocks, you would also have a better saving habit due to human psychological emotions. – You would be much more reluctant to return your physical silver bars or coins than it is to click on “sell” on your paper certificates.

Buying physical gold / silver bullion or coin is also amazingly easy.

There is no need to set up brokerage account, no need to sign any documents. You can just walk into any jewellery or coin/bullion shops, though you would have to pay a slight premium. An easier way is to buy online from which provides free delivery as well. You would be paying lesser because the online business has no expensive rentals. Every dollar saved goes to your peaceful retirement account!

Hedging in your Retirement Portfolio

Silver and gold will act as a good hedge among your properties, stocks and mutual funds.

Large bullions like 1 kg silver bar is more value for money. However you may consider smaller coins or bars, such as 10-ounce coins. A large collection of smaller coins or bars is easier for you to only sell a few coins to meet your needs, such as for a travel holiday, a business expansion, instead of having to sell the whole kilogram of silver or gold.

It is also more sensible to collect silver, as silver is more affordable and easier to collect monthly as a saving plan. As an investment asset, it is comparable in terms of liquidity, long term value, and has great fundamental demands in industries.

Numismatic Silver or Gold designs

When you fall in love with gold, silver collection, you may move to numismatic collections, appreciating the artistic and beautiful designs on coins! There are many reasons to why own physical silver or gold, but one of the best reason is probably this:- it can be a great hobby for many collectors. Collectors know that many of their collections appreciate in values, and could be a lot more financial rewarding than other expensive hobbies.

Gold and Silver Stacker Team